The very diverse and distinctive music of Madagascar has been shaped by the musical traditions of Southeast Asia, of Africa, from Arabia, from England, from France and the United States, as successive waves of settlers made the island their home. Traditional instruments reflect these extended origins […]

Outside of Asia, Madagascar has the longest history of rice production. Rice production systems in wetlands are well developed and rice terraces are frequently found along the roads between Antananarivo and Fianarantsoa. Rice cultivation is present in almost all districts of the country. The […]

LE KABARY Since childhood, I am amazed by the eloquent people, whether in the gesture or in the word. For me, they are wise and learned. For any event, Malagasy never derogates from these oratorical jousting sessions between two or more parties. We call it Kabary or by […]

The sun is not yet pointing its rays in the eastern sky of the great island that I already get up with my mom. My name is Behaja, I am 7 years old and I'm getting ready to go to the school in Aragnana, it's almost an hour's walk from my little village of […]

As in all cultures of the world, the women of Madagascar are not left out when it comes to the search for beauty. If you travel the roads of the North Island to the South or from East to West, you will surely meet women dressed in color on the face. Those are […]

Eco-responsible travel is based on a principle of carbon neutrality to reduce its negative impact on the environment and preserve the planet. There are several principles that govern ecological travel and these are not particularly binding. It is possible to adopt all these principles gradually to better acclimatize to the changes in green travel. Privilege […]

The Baobabs of Madagascar Imposing and poetic trees, baobabs bring legends to life. The sight of this majestic tree instantly feeds everyone's imagination and curiosity. According to a local legend, the "Zanahary" found the baobabs a little too proud and to punish them, he replanted them upside down. Madagascar a […]

Until the beginning of the 20th century, porterage is almost the only means of transport in Madagascar, for both goods and people : Carrying by pendulums for goods and by filanjana (sedan chair) during the colonial period for people. Thus, for all people disembarking in Tamatave on these dates, the […]

Very essential to almost all Malagasy households, rice is one of the most popular cereal products in Madagascar. No day goes by without this famous graminae among the Malagasy people. Imported, according to, the most probable hypotheses with the first arrivals from Indonesia, rice quickly became the primary commodity of […]

Resident in mainland, travel lover, you are ! Also curious. Want to know how the islanders live ? Nothing better than a tailor-made trip to satisfy your curiosity. What if you set out on an island hopping journey in the middle of the Indian Ocean ? It is up to you to prepare the stay of your dreams. Do not have […]