On the west coast of Madagascar, naval tradition is very important, due to the origin of the population but above all due to history. Among these stories, that of the Joachim family would be the most interesting of them. For those who look closely, the boats on the west coast are not all Indian-style […]

Ultimate Seaside resort , Nosy Be is endowed with authentic beaches. Various tourist activities are practicable there. You can get there by car. On-site, bars, restaurants and taverns offer you their best snacks. You will have the pleasure of tasting the typical dishes of the country in particular grilled lobsters. Leaving from Hell-Ville, you will browse 27 […]

Travel in Madagascar, is making a detour to Sainte-Marie. Land of escape par excellence, Sainte Marie is located northeast of the shores of Madagascar, at ten kilometers of distance. The island is part of the Analanjirofo region. The means of transport available to get there are by plane or boat, traveling by car being […]

Like all touristic countries, Madagascar has its spots and things not to be missed. During your stay in Madagascar, you will want to be in all these emblematic places and to make all these unusual excursions that the island has to offer, but know first that it is the fourth largest island in the world and […]

I am currently in a rather special project. That of listing the traditional architecture of Madagascar, that which belongs to the pre-colonial period, of the time when the Madagascans only built with living materials such as wood, leaves and earth. Indeed before the Radama I reign, all the constructions on the island were essentially […]

The principles of green holidays Green holidays are - obviously - based on a principle of carbon neutrality to reduce its negative impact on the environment and preserve the planet. There are several principles that govern ecological vacations and these are not particularly binding. It is possible to gradually adopt all of these principles to […]

The zebu (boss taurus indicus) is a domestic bovid descendant of an Indian subspecies of the aurochs. The word zebu comes from the Tibetan "zeba" meaning etymologically "hump". Having previously a separate species status (Bos indicus), the zebu is currently considered by the majority of authors as a subspecies of Bos taurus : […]

For those who have already traveled to Madagascar, one of the destinations that would be to undertake would be to make the famous western coastal track which connects Morondava, the capital of Menabe to Toliara, the city of the sun. to compil, this track is done in, nearly, 22 hours but this without […]

  Every culture on earth has a hidden part, a part of mystery and especially magic. We name it in many ways, witchcraft, shamanism, voodoo and many more. In Madagascar we name it «ody». Magic holds a preponderant place in Madagascar. The ancestors bequeathed the "Ody" : […]

Home arts and decorative arts known develop in each ethnic group, the affirmation of different styles but often not without a common mind is a way to distinguish visually and take advantage. In the noble houses we can admire doors, bedstead , pillars, but also shutters […]