Raised roots to heaven, like to say sorry to the vanity of which they are subject in the tales and legends Malagasy. They are sometimes regarded as the cradle of wisdom or symbol of reincarnation and eternal life. They are mostly, very spectacular by their […]

JOIN US IN OUR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT SUSTAINABLE AND RESPONSIBLE for the continuity of our social projects, we are looking for partners who could help us develop a remote village that we sponsor in the Pangalanes. The village currently has 203 homes. He is currently the "pilot town" among 7 villages […]

Madagascar is still classified as an island, a very large island. But beyond its size, it contains an unusual diversity compares to similar land size. Just returned from a trip with American colleagues in Northern Madagascar and during a discussion, they asked me if I had to promote […]

The new Year 2020 has just begun and already almost ended January. We hope this year will be beneficial to all views. On the planet, it is conducive to peace and serenity for the millions affected by distance or near by these incessant wars. […]

Antaimoro (Antemoro or Antimorona) - "those of the shore" - are a people of Madagascar who lives mainly in the southeast of the island, extending the district of Manakara to Mananjary District in the Province of Fianarantsoa, in the region of Anosy. Vaγimba – “those from the forest” Proto-Southeast Barito (Ancient […]

In Madagascar, a culture has almost completely disappeared : that of traditional tattoos. Currently, only, West and south of the Big Island were resilient but gradually, Madagascar this art of tattooing has evaporated in time. However thanks to the outstanding research and collection of the remains of this culture […]

We always wonder : where will do you for the next trip ? I can tell you, United States, the Costa-Rica, Bolivia or the Seychelles ? How about Madagascar. This island contains everything you get at these places. Large areas of southern remind America, Forest East closes unique vegetation […]

The railway Fianarantsoa-East Coast (FCE) is a colonial building railway in the southeast of Madagascar which connects the city of the high plateau of Fianarantsoa in the port city of Manakara. Long de 163 km, it was built by the French between 1926 and 1936 thanks to the work program […]

On the west coast of Madagascar, are ships, and not cars or trucks, which connecting the remote fishing villages. The Malagasy vessels - specifically schooners two or more masts, usually sails front and rear - are considered much more reliable and cheaper […]

When you have finished a journey of discovery in the interior of Madagascar and want to end on a note of blue and sun, there is only one way. The seas of northern Madagascar bathed in sunshine almost all year. All around the island, found little strings of islets […]