Since ancient times, the world has always devoted a worship to the spiritual entities and has cultivated a belief from stars and planets. Madagascar has been influenced by many cultures and is no slouch in terms of astrology and divination. For many Malagasy, astrology under the jurisdiction […]

Who is No Trace? Sans Trace Canada is a non-profit organization which aims to promote the responsible use of natural areas through education, of research, and partnerships. Many of us have already taken a pinecone or a rock, deviated path to avoid […]

MADAGASCAR AND ITS “SMALL FIVE” Madagascar is located a few hundred kilometers of the great African continent but has not followed the same trend in terms of wildlife. In Africa, we are proud to have the “Big Five” and why Madagascar might not be entitled to his “Five”. As on the island, There's no […]

Circumcision in Madagascar - With us, in Madagascar, despite a fairly harsh winter, people will not forget as long to cultivate their love of life. It is between the months July to October as it feels to wake the spirits of holidays. Short, winter in Madagascar traditionally festive : Famadihana (exhumation of the dead), […]

longtime project of the Malagasy authorities, Electronic visa is now a reality accessible online to tourists of all countries. More than two years after the initial announcement, the tourists, including french, can now claim their nonimmigrant e-Visa on the government website: more opportunities for getting to the embassy before departure […]

In terms of nature and culture, Madagascar has something to satisfy the curiosity of adventurous travelers. Basking off the African coast for several million years, this island has generated its own nature into his own evolution, away from all predation. Currently, it contains one of the world's largest endemicity […]

It would be a new and probably unsuccessful approach for most, but the “stinky flirt”, or spraying a scent "nauseating", seems to work for the lemur ringed tail when it comes to attracting a mate. However, the first comprehensive study of the behavior of the creatures also established that can dissolve friendships between male. […]

Africa Adventure : why Madagascar ? Madagascar, already the sound of the name promises unique experiences in a strange and exotic world. What more natural than to meet it with your camera ? Discover with us a fascinating animal world, scenery stunning and a colorful culture, there […]

We are contributing to promote Madagascar, Tour Malin Madagascar will be present at the’ ITB 2019, the largest international tourism fair in Berlin, Germany. We will bring to it the current values of sustainable and responsible tourism, accompanied by partners committed to the social and human sector. We are convinced that the […]

Tourism development must be based on sustainability criteria, which means it must be ecologically bearable in the long term, economically viable and equitable ethically and socially for local communities. Sustainable development is a guided process which envisages global management of resources to ensure their viability, allowing […]