The Mikea Lodge Established since April 2015, Mikea Lodge belongs to a Malagasy family who, after having found an extraordinary location, were inspired to showcase Madagascar's natural splendor in combination with comfortable, stylish accomodation. Located at 120 Km north of Tulear, Mikea Lodge is inspired both the charm of the surrounding forest and the natural beauty of […]

THE FEED BACK OF OUR EFFORTS !!! We went back to see the village in December 2016. Such a lot of good news !!! We were greeted by chants, dances… So many joys… Little personal tear of joy in having played a part in the development of a faraways small village… Our little village is elected today Haragnana "Pilot Village", through the School […]

With the valuable supports of our very Dear Friends and Relatives, Madagascar's lovers : "FRIENDS OF MADAGASCAR", the "ASSOCIATION RECHERCHE QUALITE ENVIRONNEMENTALE" (R.Q.E.) in France, "SAINT JOSEPH ROMILLY SUR SEINE" school (France), the HOTEL MANAGER OF PALMARIUM at Ankanin'ny Nofy, all the people who were really willing to come along with us in our projects, family, and […]

According to the Indonesian tradition , the origin of Sasando is related to a boy from the island of Rote, Sangguana. The story says that one day when he was feeling tired, he fell asleep under one tree. Then Sangguana dreamed to play beautiful music with an unique instrument with enchanting melody. When woke up, […]

The highly diverse and distinctive music of Madagascar has been shaped by the musical traditions of Southeast Asia, Africa, Arabia, England, France and the United States as successive waves of settlers have made the island their home. Traditional instruments reflect these widespread origins: the mandoliny and kabosy owe their existence to the introduction of the […]

Far away from the consumer society, nowhere near the toys affluence, Malagasy children are lucky enough to play with everything, and even, with almost "anything". Some pebbles, 2 at least, and the dialogue between the actors (pebbles) could begin. The dialogue is done by tapping a rock by another and […]

“since April 2013, the school group ROOM is one of our partners for the support and implementation of our social projects. THE ROOM The school group is a set of two Catholic schools open to all, respecting everyone's beliefs. SCHOOL SAINTE ANNE welcomes children of Toute Petite […]

Tanzania voyages are among the most coveted by tourists in search of new adventures. This country is known for safaris and excursions. for example, travelers can choose Arusha town as a starting point. The strategic location of this location gives easy access to other wonders […]

The reasons tourists to opt for a trip Chile are numerous and vary according to their needs. Some come here to discover the beauty and richness of the Andes, while others are here to live a unique experience in the heart of the legendary Atacama desert. In fact, this […]

“My intention is to give a minimum you need to know the current Malagasy language for the many rather than specialists. It is clear that most speakers of that beautiful language ignore history, that is to say its formation and evolution.” (Solomon Andria) In the Malagasy term […]