CHARTER OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM 1. Tourism development must be based on sustainability criteria, which means it must be ecologically bearable in the long term, economically viable and equitable ethically and socially for local communities. Sustainable development is a guided process that envisions comprehensive resource management […]

Meeting wild animals in their natural habitat can be an exciting and life changing experience, and this is one of the ways that travel helps us connect with the world around us. But experiments with wild animals that involve cruelty, unnecessary captivity or inappropriate interaction […]

Responsible and inclusive tourism is based on several fundamentals : Preservation of nature, respect for the populations encountered, listen, sharing ... Far from mass tourism and mass consumption circuits, these values ​​are qualified as sustainable, ethical, fair, participatory. (Responsible) Have a positive impact on local populations while having a […]

Game that children used to play , mostly, when the great feast, like independence day, were arriving. They made their own meals outside the village on a playground or almost wherever they wanted and used miniature copies of the adult's kitchen tools. Nowaday, this culture has almost disappeared […]

The Sakalava are an ethnic or rather cultural group of Madagascar occupying most of the western coastal fringe of the island, from the Tulear region in the south to the Sambirano region in the north. In fact, the Sakalava are not really a homogeneous people but a set of diverse ethnic groups having […]

In all the traditions of the world, there are aspects that may clash with current modern culture. Among these rites and cultures are traditional sports. In this register, cockfight could win the first place. Arrived in Madagascar, there are nearly 800 years ago with migrants from Asia, […]

In this New Year, the whole Tour Malin Madagascar team wishes you all, without exception, a wonderful Year full of Health and Serenity. We crossed 2020 with difficulties and restrictions. We have been impacted in our daily lives and in our lives. Such a situation only happens once every 500 years according to […]

Myths and associated practices testify to the rich relationships that human populations have had with lemurs., endemic animals of the island, since the arrival of men in Madagascar. Representations of lemurs differ in every part of the territory : Founding ancestors, benefactors, forbidden (on the hunt, to consumption, to the […]

As soon as you arrive in Madagascar, it comes to your mind to know : what are the most typical means of transport in this remote island. At first sight, if you disembark from the capital's airport, nothing foreshadows such means as when you intrude into the small neighborhoods of the […]

Dear Travelers of TOUR MALIN MADAGASCAR – MADAVOYAGES, Dear friends, Despite the current global health situation due to Covid-19, we have not stopped investing in our social projects that are important to us. Thus, the continuation of our social project in "ARAGNANA", our sponsored village in the Pangalanes, to the east of […]