TOUR MALIN MADAGACAR – Madavoyages is responsible for the good execution of your program.


• A passport valid (validity current on at least 6 months after the end of travel) and a residence visa will be required. The visa is issued to Antananarivo Airport.
• For the year 2021, the visa is :
O 35 EUROS for a living 0 to 30 days
O 40 EUROS for a living 31 to 60 days
O 50 EUROS for a living 61 to 90 days
• A fee is applicable from the Nosy Be and Antananarivo airport :
– For international departure : 38 Euros
– For a start Domesticated : 20 Euros

• Attention : It belongs to you to make sure you are in compliance with police formalities, customs and health for your trip. The country's authorities require that your passport be greater than 6 months after your return date, you have a return ticket or onward before issuing you a residence visa.
A passenger who could not board a flight to our country or who would be turned back at the entrance fault to present the required documents (passport, Visa,…) can not claim any refund.

• The trip to Madagascar presents no great risk, but the antimalarial treatments, antidiarrheal and cholera are still recommended.
• Vaccines are not mandatory but we recommend that you be current on anti-liver vaccines against yellow fever.
• Nowadays, for information, 1 Euro match 4 500 MGA about (the).



Tour Malin Madagascar – Madavoyage is a receptive Tour Operator licensee "A" and "B".

No registration is accepted without payment.
The deposit confirmation is at least 50% (may be more depending on the conditions of hotels, seasons and purchasing tickets) the total amount of the circuit according to the season in which 35% Non refundable (because under the terms of collaboration between Tour Operators and service providers, which hotels, many require down payments - non-refundable - or settlement in full for confirmation of bookings)
The balance must be strictly regulated 30 days before departure
If you register within 21 days before departure, the full price of the circuit should be set.
A copy of the invoice is sent to you at the time of the call deposit. A final invoice will be provided on arrival

Generally :

• ADVANCE for confirmation by SWIFT transfer foreign currency - bank fees at your charge

• BALANCE : transfer or cash on arrival

Banks in Madagascar can not yet receive payments by outside board. The benefits of regulations will therefore be either by bank transfer or cash

Any modification or cancellation must be received by email.

For any cancellation after confirmation, it would be reserved with the regulation :

-From 60 days until 31 days before start circuit : 35% of the total price of the circuit
-From 30 to 21 days before start circuit : 45% of the total price of the circuit
-From 20 to 15 days before start circuit : 50% of the total price of the circuit
-From 14 to 7 days before start circuit : 75% of the total price of the circuit
-Less than 7 days before start of the tour : 100% of the total price of the circuit

For cancellations due to events or situations compelling reasons (political circumstances, requisitions, official travel, strikes, climatic conditions, natural disasters...), we are not obliged to make a full refund of the amounts already paid, having agreements / contracts and obligations with respect to our service staff (refer to amounts above).
However, we will study each case CASE BY CASE, according to circumstances.

Please note that for casualty (repatriation, Luggage theft, cancellation, ..) to counter the consequences of any incident or accident before or during travel, APS bail (full guarantee of deposited funds),
We can take the responsibility because according to the international convention of insurance companies, the subscription shall be made from the country of departure and that local companies (Here in Madagascar) do not do this type of subscription (insurance cancellations, diseases, accidents, vols, …)


The client acknowledges having read information about the trip he selected and provided to it prior to the submission of the invoice. It is therefore referred to all details of the trip to this information.
1. For your information, we mentioned in our travel programs what is included and what is not. Overall, drinks and gratuities are not included unless written mention from us.
Attention : Children discounts can not be applied to car rentals and may be different according to the hotels and services.
3. Tour Malin Madagascar - Madavoyages expressly reserves the right to revise its prices both upside and downside, to take account of variations :
*the transportation cost, linked notably to the fuel price ;
*Exchange rates applied to the chosen journey.
Tour Malin Madagascar - Madavoyages may therefore change from the overall contract of travel by applying the percentage of the relevant change. Such a change will not intervene unless 30 days before the scheduled departure.

1. Tour Malin Madagascar – Madavoyages, acting as tour operator, is led to choose different service providers (carriers, Hotels, Specialised services...) for the execution of his shedule.
The many rotations devices (or vehicles) and security requirements, which are paramount, can sometimes result in some changes, jetlag or postponements of a bond or a step.

We can not be held responsible for changes to schedules or routes on the program caused by external events such as strikes, technical incidents, weather, natural disasters but we will do our best to give a result of the program with possible changes. The file will be examined case by case and Tour Malin Madagascar is not bound to a mandatory automatic refund.
The damage sustained delay could result in no compensation, in any capacity whatsoever, especially due to the change (beyond our control) the duration of the original program or delay in correspondence. Any costs (taxi, hotel…) Unbilled by Tour Malin Madagascar will remain at the customer.

2 - Concerning flights interiors that are included in our services : to get the best fares, we are forced to buy domestic flights directly from final confirmation of your hand, as places fill up very quickly and prices vary in the same rhythm.
(weight baggage : 20Kg in the hold and 5kg of hand luggage)
We can not be held responsible for changes to schedules or routes, Cancellation of Airlines flights (international and / or Interiors). We therefore can not repay these flights, but will assist in possible changes procedures.

3. In case of failure of a service provider, if we have to cancel or change a part of the commitments, we will endeavor to modify or replace them with equivalent transactions.

4. If there is compelling reasons (political circumstances, requisitions, official travel, strikes, climatic conditions, natural disasters...), the file will be examined case by case and Tour Malin Madagascar is not bound to a mandatory automatic refund.
We may, when the circumstances force us, substituting a transport means to another, take a different route or cancel some excursions, without these exceptional changes give rise to any compensation.

5. Any failure in the performance of the contract, found on site, must be reported and justified as soon as possible, written, by the consumer of the services concerned, to Tour Malin Madagascar – Madavoyages or his representative. Any assessment of subjective order will not be taken into account.

Any claim relating to a trip must be made to Tour Malin Madagascar - Madavoyages mail or registered mail, accompanied by original receipts or written record of our service, within the 1 months after the date of return. After this deadline, We will refuse to take into account any claim.
The response time may vary from 15 days to 2 month, in function of our investigation of hotels or other service providers.

1. Any modification or cancellation must be received by mail, and subject to the conditions set out above (Terms and Conditions Title III).
2. Any trip cut short, any unused service voluntarily by the client shall not give rise to any refund. The customer must notify us in writing.
Regarding the circuits and stays, prices are calculated on a specific number of nights.
So you can be deprived of a few hours of stay upon arrival and / or departure, either because of flight times, either because of the purpose of the international hotel for availability of rooms, without having the right to compensation.
3. On flights, abandoned any place to go or return can not, never, be repaid and the postponement to another flight may require payment of a new place at the normal rate.
Air tickets are usually "modifiable with fees and not refundable".
4. We reserve the right to substitute, in extremis, Following security problems, meteorological and other force majeure, one or more domestic flights by other means of transport without this being considered a breach of contract resulting compensation.
5. For reasons beyond our control (political circumstances, cataclysms, strikes ...), we may be forced to cancel a trip. If these events occur before your departure, we will offer different alternatives.
6. Tour Malin Madagascar - Madavoyages can not be held liable for personal belongings during your stay in case of theft, oversight, loss or deterioration.

Banks in Madagascar can not yet receive card regulations. The benefits of regulations will therefore be either by bank transfer or cash on site