TOUR MALIN MADAGACAR – Madavoyages is responsible for the good execution of your program.

It is mandatory for the client to subscribe a personal insurance before the departure (disease, luggage, accident, repatriation and cancellation, …).

Any confirmation involves the payment of a deposit of 50%, including 15% non-refundable in case of cancellation.
The remainder should be in our possession by the 30 days before your departure.
Payments will be made by bank transfer into our account.

For any cancellation after confirmation, it would be reserved with the regulation :

  • From 60 days until 31 days before start circuit : 15% of the total price of the circuit
  • From 30 to 21 days before start circuit : 35% of the total price of the circuit
  • From 20 to 15 days before start circuit : 50% of the total price of the circuit
  • From 14 to 7 days before start circuit : 75% of the total price of the circuit
  • Less than 7 days before start of the tour : 100% of the total price of the circuit.

Tour Malin Madagascar, acting as tour operator, is led to choose different service providers (carriers, Hotels, Specialised services...) for the execution of his shedule.
Tour Malin Madagascar reserves the right to modify the program if unforeseen events constrain it (strikes, technical incidents, weather, natural disasters...)
If there is compelling reasons (political circumstances, requisitions, official travel, strikes, climatic conditions, natural disasters...), the file will be evaluated individually and Tour Malin Madagascar is not responsible for an obligatory repayment
The hotels names are communicated for reference purpose only and Tour Malin Madagascar reserves the right to change it for other category similar in case of necessity

Tour Malin Madagascar expressly reserves the right to change its prices to take into account variations :
the transportation cost, linked notably to the fuel price ;
Exchange rates applied to the chosen journey.
Tour Malin Madagascar could therefore modify the part of the global contract of travel by affecting the percentage of the concerned variation. Such a change will not intervene unless 30 days before the scheduled departure.

Every traveller must in possession of all the necessary documents for his trip (valid passport, Visa)

Any claim relating to a trip should be addressed to Tour Malin Madagascar by mail or registered mail within a set period of 1 month (30 days) After the end of the trip. After this deadline, We will refuse to take into account any claim.
The response time may vary from 15 days to 2 month, in function of our investigation of hotels or other service providers