TOUR MALIN MADAGASCAR is a Tour Operator, Receptive and Travel Agency,

specialized in the creation of tailor-made programs, committed to Responsible and Solidarity Tourism, working with local and foreign partners and end customers, in search of new travel experiences

Reconnecting Man to Nature and his fellow human beings

Tour Malin Madagascar takes you to the essence of the travel: human interactions in the heart of Nature.

Far from the classic tourist sites, you will meet unique people who will be happy to welcome you among them and share their culture with you. The places tell a story but the population also has a lot to share.

It is around this vision that we create personalized tours, to provide you with an authentic experience that you will not forget soon.

Our services reflect our dedication to our travelers. More than a classic Tour Operator, we present ourselves as your travel companion who will be with you throughout your stay. Our responsiveness and availability at any time further strengthen the affinities that we develop with each traveler.


“Human value, the Environment and local Communities are the vectors of our Company”


Together, let's build your program.
Our motto: "Simply Travel"

An exceptional stay in Madagascar

Tailor-made trip

Your tailor-made tour, personalized in Madagascar, adapted to your desires and expectations, while taking full advantage of the discovery and the Human and Cultural richness of the Island in all its splendor and dimension.

Who are we?

We support you in the creation and realization of your trip


With more than twenty years of experience in the sector, we started at the very base of this business: guidance, which is the essential element of knowledge and discovery. We give a lot of value to exchanges and sharing.

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