In my various trips to the remote corners of the island, I had the immense pleasure of meeting women, wives, mothers, farmers, craftswomen, seamstresses… wonderful. Actresses lurking deep in their homes, behind their veil of discretion and resignation, their silence and their thousand daily chores which seem obvious to them in their share of obligations, these women are often forgotten, erased.
Women resigned to dull their light and their spark. Forget their being, their existence, while giving all their strength, their love and their capacity to accompany man, to take care of his hearth, his children often in large numbers, and everything that surrounds him.
Rose, Amélie, Denise, Bertine, Marie, Lala, Fara, … and many others… follow the same rhythm. Getting up even before the moon has finished its rounds, before the rooster even starts to crow. Get down to the stove, fold the laundry, tidy up, prepare the coffee, try to find a piece of “gas bread” or cassava, or cook rice for his family's breakfast. Then wake up the children, dress them, invite them to eat, check their things, kiss them and invite them to leave for school. Then join the Gite d’Accueil to ensure the services of the traveling customers, check if everything is in order, if the customers are comfortable… prepare, serve, clear… But above all " with smile ". This smile which remains their strength and their light, this human warmth which sums up their way of being. Then continue with activities in the fields, walking for hours, because nothing stops them. Or tackle the activities they have created for themselves to help provide for the needs of their family… Decrepit hands, worn feet, emaciated face… They stay strong and upright.
Never stop, never give up… Do everything… accomplish everything… without complaining, despite everyday problems, fatigue, doubts, anxieties... And even doing more than necessary... because "who will do it?" »
These rural people, these women certainly did not have the opportunity to go to school, to know all the news and trends from the rest of the world, but these socio-cultural norms and stereotypes of “country people ” and “women” » cause them to lose confidence in their wealth and in their ability to accept a position that others impose on them. Considered "incompetent, ignorant, incapable, … “, they are however strong experiences in connection with nature and all that surrounds it, full of strength and will, of relentlessness, accustomed to hard work in the fields and others, not counting the hours in the sun , in the rain, know techniques that are often improbable but which work, …
These people are admirable, respectful, courageous, and full of life… Their smiles and warmth are contagious. We learn a lot from their simplicity, their joy of living with the little they have, their courage, their hope, their aggressiveness, their belief in tomorrow, because they say "God will always be by our side".

Their work is grandiose, but they lack consideration, attention and enhancement.



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