Solidarity Tourism in Madagascar

Solidarity Tourism is a form of ethical travel that finds its meaning in its contribution to the development and support of local communities, by ensuring that the trip benefits all stakeholders.

This is mostly a “responsible and conscientious” state of mind “, a concept … which starts first with oneself, then towards everything around us (home, family, friends, collaborators, neighbors, communities, cities, countries…)

Its foundation is based on:

  • the involvement of local populations in the different phases of the tourism project
  • encounters and respect for people, cultures and nature
  • a fairer distribution of the resources generated
  • traveler awareness and travel preparation (waste management, resource management)
  • local economic benefits.

How ? In :

  • Favoring local purchases at fair value,
  • Prioritizing cultural exchanges and sharing
  • Benefitting all travel stakeholders
  • Promoting the involvement of local communities in projects and activities,
  • Participating in social and environmental projects
  • Preserving natural, environmental and economic resources
  • Establishing healthy and equitable contacts with indigenous populations

Where did you say that "Travel has a transformative power, the one that pushes us out of our comfort zone, invites us to discover other cultures that jostle us, other ways of thinking, open our minds".

Solidarity tourism is a way of living an enriching and unique experience, highlighting the Human and Social aspects. It allows a different and innovative approach in the creation of links and relationships between the actors: travelers and locals. It allows a real immersion in the local culture, without just being satisfied with a quick passage and a reductive and often distorted vision of reality.




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