For the continuity of one of our social projects, we are looking for partners who could help us develop an isolated village that we sponsor in the Pangalanes.
The village currently has 203 households. It is currently the "pilot village" among 7 surrounding villages.
Several achievements have already been made: construction of a school that the children called "SCHOOL OF HOPE", with 3 classrooms, construction of 3 huts for the teachers, construction of toilets for the school and the villagers, construction of premises for an office and library, creation of various village associations for internal development (association of young people for activities and awareness, local association which provides awareness and training / practice for the protection of the environment, association of villagers for a common fund in order to give people the possibility of taking out loans for the development of their activities, association of women / mothers, etc., granting of school supplies and toys, supplies of first aid drugs, granting of PPN, various workshops for children, creation of men's and women's football teams, financial aid for teachers and for travel nts of children for official exams…
Our project is in no way to lead the village to become a tourist attraction, but only to help its internal and sustainable development.
Our next objectives are: construction of a reception hut for volunteers, installation of some solar panels to have light in the classrooms and for the homes, installation of new manual pumps…. And above all, the continuity of the granting of school supplies to children.
Any help and assistance would be welcome: financial, supplies, PPN, …
We are also looking for people, entities, trainers with skills and who could help / train us on the possibility:
• construction of toilets on sandy ground,
• to develop a local culture (legumes, fruit trees, etc.) for the villagers in order to enable them to meet their needs, but above all, to enable the children to eat, because many of them have to walk for hours to reach the village. school, without being able to eat…. Always knowing that the ground is very sandy
• to install a few wells with manual pumps to allow the villagers to have water without having to walk for hours
We reiterate our thanks to our loyal donors: Mr SYLVAIN, the Manager of the PALMARIUM hotel in Ankanin'ny Nofy – SAINT JOSEPH SCHOOL IN ROMILLY SUR SEINE (France) - ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (A.R.Q.E France) – Mr and Mrs BURKERT Dieter – Mr and Mrs EDWIGE – Mr and Mrs HINKLE (CHameo) – Akany AVOKO. But also in support of the villagers, parents, Mr and Mrs NAVILLOD, Mr and Mrs LAMENT, ELODIE LE GA, ENTRAID company, Mr Zo RAJAONASIMANANA, Mr Jean Yves LE FLOCH, Mr and Mrs PRETEUX, Mr and Mrs MILLERET, Mr and Mrs BLANC .
We invite you to join us for our project.
Our Social Component remains a project with a single objective: local and sustainable development.
All help and assistance will remain for the benefit of the village and the children. These projects are important to us, because they allow us to support our compatriots.
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