TOUR MALIN MADAGASCARMADAVOYAGES continues its progress and its support in the development and awareness of Responsible and Solidarity Tourism, in its support for local communities and in raising awareness of the preservation of the Environment.

Still an active member in the network of the National Association for Solidarity and Responsible Tourism (ANTSO RE), and in various Bodies / Working Committees / Organizations / … (INDRI – CAP NAT MADAGASCAR – ISTO – BEOLOBE -…) who continue to work on the fight against bush fires, on effective reforestation in Madagascar, on the preservation of Natural Capital, on the development of CSR in Madagascar, on the development actions of local communities and Village Associations, on Gender and the equity, on raising awareness among young people, and on the establishment of a Sustainable Committee within an entity representing the Private Sector of the entire Tourism value chain,

TOUR MALIN MADAGASCAR – MADAVOYAGES continues to make its way in the recognition of the importance of Responsible, participatory Tourism and the preservation of the Environment.

About our village in ARAGNANA (in the Pangalanes, eastern region of Madagascar)

For the 2022 school year – 2023, we have about 71 students including 17 in preschool, 10 in CP1, 10 in CP2, 12 in CE, 12 in CM1 and 10 in CM2.

Many children are starting to leave the school benches because of the lack of means of the parents.

The village of Aragnana has expanded a lot from North to South since the creation of the school in 2012. Several new families from the surrounding regions have settled there, and many new huts have been built there. The number of homes has increased from 46 to more than 65 currently. And we have had just under 700 children welcomed into the school since its opening until today.

Our activities in Aragnana officially resumed in the second half of 2022.


* Welcome of the 4th teacher

* Establishment of 2 professional masons for the manufacture of concrete blocks with training for the villagers

* Construction of 1,870 CONSTRUCTIONS on site for a new construction of classrooms

* Financial aid (fokontany president, assistant, director and teachers)

* School supplies deposit 2022 – 2023

* Constructions 3 toilets with another design (paving …..)

* Renovation of the main building (roof, paving, terrace, door movements, …)

* Organization of sports entertainment day with representatives of EINTRACHT FRANKFURT with distribution of jerseys and prizes, purchase of footballs

* Installation of several bins in the school and the village

* Travel expenses of teachers for training and students for official exams

* Support for 5 neighborhood children (registration, tuition, school supplies, outfits, …)



*Budget allocation for teacher training and travel

* Budget for various repairs and maintenance (office roof, teachers' houses, …)

* Construction of a new solid building with 3 new classrooms

* Implementation of 2 masons and 4 laborers for the construction of the new building for 2 months (travel, accommodation, meals, …)

* Purchase of construction equipment (cement, iron, sand, gravel, working tools, …)


Our projects are far from over, as the village itself is constantly evolving.

  • Construction of the sheet metal roof of the new building (purchase of equipment and labor)
  • Construction of doors and windows (purchase of materials and labour)
  • Maintenance and renovation of old buildings
  • Purchases of school supplies for the new school year and materials for the new school
  • Formations divers
  • Implementation of permaculture and beekeeping
  • Construction of reception hut
  • Entertainment and workshops for children
  • Setting up a nature and culture circuit
  • And many others….

As the novelist Paolo COELHO puts it so well: “What exists are chess… So it is better to lose a few fights fighting for your dreams than to be beaten without even knowing what you are fighting for.…. »


We reiterate our thanks to our Friends, Collaborators, Partners and Financial Supporters for their trust:

* SYLVAIN, the Manager of the PALMARIUM hotel in Ankanin'ny Nofy and his entire team

* EINTRACHT FRANKFURT (represented by Mr and Mrs DIETER)



* Mr and Mrs EDWIGE




* Mr and Mrs NAVILLOD, Mr and Mrs LAMENT, Mr and Mrs HINKLE (CHameo), Mr ROSSIGNOL Michel, ELODIE LE GAC, Mr Zo RAJAONASIMANANA, Mr and Mrs MILLERET, Mr and Mrs BLANC, Mr and Mrs BIALOT, …

* All travelers of TOUR MALIN MADAGASCAR




















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