Eco-responsible travel is based on a principle of carbon neutrality to reduce its negative impact on the environment and preserve the planet. There are several principles that govern ecological travel and these are not particularly binding.

It is possible to adopt all these principles gradually to better acclimatize to the changes in green travel.

  • Favor less polluting transport : train, car, carpooling, etc....
  • Limiting the use of aircraft : non-stop journey and respect for the ratio between the distance traveled and the length of stay, that is to say, one hour's flight equals one day's vacation at the place (for Madagascar this would be equivalent to a fortnight on the spot)
  • Travel with travel agencies and service providers who are committed to being eco-responsible.
  • Check the different labels of the places to stay in Madagascar and on your route.
  • Choose hotels, lodgings or campsites committed to an environmental approach, members of professionals committed to responsible and sustainable tourism. (ANTSO Re)
  • Reduce the weight of luggage and bring only what is necessary
  • Use eco-responsible products such as sunscreen milks instead of oils which form a screen on the surface of the water and slow down photosynthesis in underwater plants, for exemple.

Green travel requires a real investment and the adoption of eco-responsible behavior to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the circulation of the virus, travelers cannot yet circulate freely outside their own country except in imperative cases such as a family or professional obligation.

For the time being, Madagascar 's borders with foreign countries remain closed until further notice. This unprecedented situation is by no means eternal and from today, you will have to know how to adopt a new way of traveling.

Responsible and sustainable.