In all the traditions of the world, there are aspects that may clash with current modern culture. Among these rites and cultures are traditional sports. In this register, cockfight could win the first place.

Arrived in Madagascar, there are nearly 800 years ago with migrants from Asia, this culture continues to this day. All weekends and holidays, in almost every part of the city of thousands, you will find crowds of men and children of all ages and all this in an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

If at the beginning, cockfight was just for entertaining and passing the time, it didn't take long for the notion of gain to emerge. Currently, these fights only take place if a bet is taken or if you want to know the potential of a fighter.

If in the current collective mentality, cockfight is considered barbaric and bloody, from the cock masters point of view, because that's what they are called, this sport is like boxing where you train your athlet with attention and fervor.

Some of them can spend a fortune training these feathered fighters and it makes sense to get reimbursed at tournaments and championships of all kinds because the sport is completely legal in Madagascar.. Bets can go up to close to 3000 euros where minimum income revolves around 25 euros.

Anyway, this sport is one of the most popular among highland Madagascans. Not long ago, an international championship was organized by Madagascar where we saw the participation of several countries.