We always wonder : where will do you for the next trip ? I can tell you, United States, the Costa-Rica, Bolivia or the Seychelles ? How about Madagascar. This island contains everything you get at these places. Large areas of southern remind America, Eastern forest closes unique vegetation like the Costa Rica. oddly, some villages of the central highlands remind many hilltop villages and these same women have features borrowed from Bolivia. If we talk about beach and sun, the Big Island has sandy stretches to dream the most skeptical and the sun shines almost all year.

With all this, a friendly population, smiling and welcoming.

You fly, you fly over the arid Libyan desert, wild coast of Somalia or Kenya rich savannas and you land in a sea of ​​color, where the seasons are upside, where offer the diverse riches of the island, recounting their origins : Asia and the rice terraces; the ocean and the boats or the coconut palms leaning over the sea ; Africa and black men and muscular, savannas and embellished by zebu.

One can not resist the fascination of this country have mixed more than melted, For centuries, Indo-Malay, black African or Pacific, Arab, and where were injected bloods explorers, pirates, traders, Portuguese navigators and military, Dutch, English or French.

Fascinating by its inhabitants both sweet and cruel, by the charm of language and names to musical sounds like the verb, whose syllables are added to each other and we seem obscure. This language is fond of words, compounds with multiple ideas .... (François Lery)

The northern region is of volcanic origin dominated by Tsaratanàna which is the highest peak of the island; is subject to the monsoon regime. The West is the most extensive area, plateau zone and flood plains, with warm weather and heavy rains and a dry and cool season, while the south is semi-arid the thorny vegetation. On the opposite side east, bordered by the Indian Ocean, a line of steep cliffs parallel to the coast condenses driven rain the easterly winds. Between the shore and cliff is a tropical forest belt. The center is occupied by plateaus stripped of lateritic clay. This is where we find most of the agricultural land made in most of the rice fields.

The originality of Madagascar is its extreme diversity : the variety of relief and climate favored biodiversity of flora and fauna characterized by a high rate of endemism. Added to a wide variety of origin of the populations due to successive migrations.