Madagascar has a Tropical climate that is strongly influenced by relief, vegetation and winds. But usually, There are two seasons:
o The dry season (including the Southern winter), from April to October.
o The rainy season, from November to March including the cyclonic season. : officially from mid-December to mid-April, but especially from January to March. It rains a lot, but it does not mean everywhere neither all the time.

Do not ask a lot Madagascar than simplicity: Welcoming land, enchanting people with legendary smile, the plentiful and non-hostile nature, the great variety of landscapes and a mild climate and pleasant place to live..

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Located in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the fourth largest island of the Earth. A precociously detached land of the great African Continent, the island is bursting with invaluable natural treasure. A long time ago, it has been the destination of pirates and sailors who hunted for treasures, of an unknown civilization or for a simple stopover. Lately populated by humans, Saint Laurent Island has aroused the covetousness of numerous 'explorers' in search of new adventures. Surcouf, Plantin, Thomas Tew, William Kidd or La Buse,and others are among those who never stopped to furrow the Indian seas..
All those renowed could not leave again as they have found in Madagascar, the island of their dreams, a whole land to discover.
For being detached from Africa well before the species evolution , the Red Island is currently full of remarkable Fauna and Flora . which are sometimes astonishing, often unique..
With an average of more than 80% of endemicity rate, the island still contains unlisted species : 71 species of lemurs, 262 species of birds, 250 kinds of amphibia, 8700 kinds of unlisted vascular plants and up to 12000 for the whole unlisted ones which constitue about 3% of the world's flora.

Road infrastructure
Road infrastructure remain very basic but must of network of roads remain practicable all year long.
Some main roads link up the main towns but beyound that, we are directly in the advetnure of the red tracks.
(Many tracks are not practicable during the rainy season)

A specialty of the country
Rice is the basic element of Malagasy gastronomy, It is prepared separately or accompanied by different ways : chicken, zebu meat, pork or fish. Among the typical dishes, «Romazava., meat-based with "Brèdes., vegetable leaves that are often put on rice for flavoring.

Some "most-see" flavours

  • The «Ravitoto. : made with cassava leaves , meat, and with coconut milk sometimes.
  • The «Kitoza. : zebu meat filet, cut into strips and smoked.
  • The "Bantams" or “Mofo sira” : savoury rice salted cake with coconut .
  • Madagascar's vanilla and cacao are also very famous.
  • The «Mokary. : small rice cake, sometimes with coconut, that are accompany perfectly coffee.
  • The "Koba Ravina. : cake with riceflour, groundnut and brown sugar; the whole, is then packed with banana leaves when they are cooked.