Ultimate Seaside resort , Nosy Be is endowed with authentic beaches. Various tourist activities are practicable there. You can get there by car. On-site, bars, restaurants and taverns offer you their best snacks. You will have the pleasure of tasting the typical dishes of the country including the grilled lobster.

Leaving from Hell-Ville, you will browse 27 km to reach the northwestern tip of the island of perfumes, where Andilana beach, its white sand, its bay and its translucent lagoon await you. The lodges and luxury hotels offer you a warm welcome. Currently, Andilana's accommodation is suitable for all budgets. Modest hotel-restaurants have appeared, as have affordable bungalows and miscellaneous accommodation. Don't forget to take a look at the local shops. The works of art offered there are sure to interest you. You can buy some as a souvenir.

Always from the largest city in Nosy Be, that is to say Hell-Ville, you will follow a path of 7 km to reach the fishing port of Ambatoloaka. The existence of diving centers and rental companies of means of transport such as motorbikes and cars attracts tourists. Of course, all hotel infrastructures respond to this.
From Ambatoloaka, a short hike would only do you good. Head north to reach the bustling Madirokely Beach. The Sunday atmosphere is warm. Here, hotel restaurants are popular and cheap.

If you want to isolate yourself a little for more peace, the beach of Orangea could interest you. Located on the northwest coast of Nosy Be, the place gives a breathtaking view of NosySakatia. Here, the waters are deep.

Ambondrona is a bay, the layout of its range follows a curve in the shape of a circle. It is little frequented. This does not in any way take away its charm.