That's almost 10 years that we have made our contribution and started our support project for Education and Community Development, to Awareness of the Preservation of the Environment, as a private actor in Tourism.

Several actions have already been undertaken and carried out (reforestation, training, participation in workshops, child sponsorships, constructions, provision of supplies, financial aid to teachers, …)

One of our main project is our support for the schooling and education of children from various isolated villages, our support for parents and community development of a dozen Fokontany, in the Pangalanes, not far from Dream House, and whose "pilot project" was installed in one of the villages.

A school was built there, welcoming around a hundred children every year since 2013, with 3 Classrooms, and 1 for preschool. We also built 1 bureau, 1 library, 3 houses for teachers, toilets for the school and the village, workshops to raise awareness and encourage environmental preservation, to cleanliness, to the widening of cultural choices ...

These actions were made possible thanks to our team : TOUR MALIN MADAGASCAR , Manager of HOTEL PALMARIUM and his team, thanks to the financial support of the R.Q.E.. (Environmental Quality Research - France), LA SALLE ROMILLY School (France), EINTRACHT FRANKFURT… and fellow travelers who were kind enough to help us.

But today we lack funds to continue our projects, and the situation since 2020 did not improve things. We had launched funding requests on several occasions, but to believe that small-scale aid activities are of no interest to donors, they have remained without return.

In 9 years, our structures took years and now require renovations, improvements, enlargements.

Many projects also remain to come (training, implementation of income-generating activities, collaboration with hoteliers, workshops and activities for children, water supply, solar kit for children, financial aid for professors, continuity of allocation of school supplies, ….).

Although the state declared the School a "Public School" in 2015, without having really consulted us, unfortunately we received no help, no state support thereafter (no granting of school books, no financial support, and our teachers are still waiting for their salary to be regularized since 2018 ...).

This project is important to us, and is carried out with the heart, with this desire, this willingness to make a contribution to help our fellow human beings, but especially, allow a few children to go to school. The villagers are adorable, attentive, courageous and goodwill, listening ... and evolving every year, are present and faithful to our ethics. They are waiting for our next interventions ...

We are therefore looking to you to help us continue. This project is not for us, but for children, for those fathers and mothers who hope more for the future of their children.


For more information, you can contact us at :

Miora (+261) 32 43 606 96 – (+261) 34 16 570 86