In this New Year, the whole Tour Malin Madagascar team wishes you all, without exception, a wonderful Year full of Health and Serenity. We crossed 2020 with difficulties and restrictions. We have been impacted in our daily lives and in our lives. Such a situation only happens once every 500 years according to historians but we know that this will repeat more frequently, in view of our current culture. We move faster, further and numerously.

This situation has taught us and still teaches us every day that we must now adopt a new way of living with others., without rising borders but respecting certain ways, some manners. We must assimilate this new way of living with the prevailing situation.

It’s not inevitable, this is a lesson, a great lesson for those who know how to make the difference. We understood that man is nothing compared to the nature, let's face and adopt this resilience that has always been given to us in our nature.

The man being is well made, he just needs a little help from fate, of nature to wake up. We have slept too much on our achievements and we have forgotten the essential: Life. Let us know now how to cherish it, protect and nurrish it by protecting ourselves and others.

Let’s adopt basic health actions so that at the end of the day we can come together and say that we are proud and worthy person.

Happy New Year everyone. We wish you all the best..