A day of immersion in Antsirabe

TOUR MALIN MADAGASCAR - MADAVOYAGES always keeps a spirit of discovery in intimate relation with immersion, exchanges, contacts, sharing and learning.
Human contact remains our main objective in our tailor-made trips. Immersion in the daily life of the villagers therefore remains the best way to "live and know the country".
We thus turned to our precious Partner : MADAGASCAR IMMERSION TOUR for our days of discovery of the Highlands, à Antsirabe.

MADAGASCAR IMMERSION TOUR a small association including Aina , an independent national guide, who is the origin. He is a native of Antsirabe and has always lived there. He loves his country, and especially, his hometown and the Vakinankaratra region, and like us, he wants to share this love with the travelers of the big island.

Together, we offer you programs of total immersion, and especially, with respect for the nature and culture of the local populations, a safe trip with experienced professionals and a circuit tailor-made for you thanks to a listening team.

These one-day discoveries can be incorporated into your programs. They will bring you "live and eat country", discover in depth but above all, will make you more aware of the local atmosphere.

Program for one day



Notre menu de jour sera le Ravitoto and pork meat on the plate and the "Koba" at dessert.
"Koba" is a cake made from rice flour, bananas and peanuts
"Ravitoto sy hena kisoa" is a dish made from crushed cassava leaves, rice and pork.

We will start the day by buying the ingredients necessary for our recipe at the small market in the city of Antsirabe : à Antsenakely.
We will then go by rickshaw (local mode of transportation very popular with locals) to join a homestay kitchen. Cooking workshop !!!!
A cook will accompany you in the preparation of the dishes.
You will then taste the dish you cooked around a table with the inhabitant.

After lunch, we will take a short walk outside the city to the village of Androvakely,
Meet the pottery workshops.
Since many decades, the women of this village practice the art of modeling clay. It's a talent that is passed down from mother to daughter and of which they are particularly proud..
You will be accompanied in the creation of a flowerpot with the supervision of a woman from the village.
You can bring it back as a souvenir.

• One day tour accompanied by a French or English speaking guide
• Effective running time : 1h30
• Elevation : 200m
• Difficulty level : easy


Several visits will be made in this program, allowing you to discover some local activities of the community, with steps through the bunds of rice fields :
• Walk in the western part of the city, discovering recovery work, during which you will discover how to transform a discarded tin can into a kerosene lamp or a piggy bank.
• We will then go through the workshop of the craftsmen who make the small Malagasy guitars called "Kabosy".
• Discovery at the same time of a "Malagasy" cheese dairy.
Continue to Lake Andraikiba where we will picnic for lunch.
In the afternoon, back to Antsirabe. Stop in an “Antemoro” paper-making workshop : a typical paper based on crushed tree bark put on a frame and embellished with flowers.
You can make your own card!
We will then visit workshops of artisans who work on the transformation of the zebu horn into spoons, in dice games and other items.

• One day tour accompanied by a French or English speaking guide
• Effective running time : 2h30
• Elevation : 200m
• Difficulty level : easy