Madagascar is an authentic , beautiful and extraordinary island. It is distinguished first by the beauty and the richness of its flora and fauna, its diversity of landscape and Population. But its greatest richness is in the appreciation of its human being and the local atmosphere .

So come on, we will bring you to discover these warm welcomes, these affectionate smiles.

We will bring you to discover our local atmosphere : the color and liveliness of markets, and public places. But also, to meet communities in remote villages and share with them their daily life, with the simplicity for them to live in sobriety, in harmony with what exists, but always with a smile.

We will taste various dishes, various products and culinary curiosities : such as the "mofo gasy, ramanonaka, mofo baolina, menakely, mofo katsaka, mofo mangahazo, mofo ravina ... » (various doughnuts), koba ravina (sweetness based on banana, peanuts and rice flour), vary amin'anana (sticky rice cooked with breasts). Les "maskita" (small meat skewers and zebu hump), the well vinegared and salted achards, the ankisy (grilled pouples), the romazava, the ravitoto, … There are so many of them, and each region has its specialty. So there will be so many to enjoy !

We'll also walk through the colorful and lively markets, walking along the small alleys, between the butchers, and the small grocery stores that sell whole mix of products : from bicycle tires to cooking oil. We will walk among the merchants sitting on the floor to spread and sell their fresh vegetables transported their campaign, or flea markets that spread while a string of "things of ends".

We will go to meet people, men, women, children. Young and old, everyone have something to to tell us, something to share.

We will see children playing with used tires and two sticks, "indestructible" handmade cars with everything they find (cans, plastics, bricks, wood, capsules, …). The traces in red earth will be enough to create their city, their road.
We will see their playground : in the trees, outdoors, in the water or along the streams. Everything is a call to play : the trunks of trees that will be their spaceships with all the unimaginable controls, like a branch that will serve as a button to spit fire, another that will activate a protective screen, a branch that will serve as defense weapon, another for a radar ....

We will talk with the older ones to see them reliving their experiences, their struggles, their failures and successes. their stories, which they will continue to tell to their offspring. and, their learning, their wisdom and advice.

We will share the father's daily life, the brother, the uncle, the cousin, working the land for the survival of the whole family. From the mother, sister, aunt who do their best to have an acceptable home, a child in her arms, another, in the back, a basket on her head and a bucket of water in one hand, waiting for the cassava harvested the day before to be cooked, which will serve as lunch for the family.

We'll meet various local craftsmen, various handicrafts, and various acjievements of work of all kinds (brickmaker, farmer, .., …). We will appreciate their know-how, their enthusiasm and dedication to find the strength to do their work.

And beyond all that ... There will always be the welcoming smile wherever we go, the simplicity, the feeling of having lived and discovered aspects of life that we might not have known and have enjoyed. And then, the natural beauty of the island, the diversity in landscapes, and regions, characters. The authenticity of the sites reserves and national parks that will surely amaze you. Breathtaking landscapes, heavenly beaches and turquoise waters ...