Game that children used to play , mostly, when the great feast, like independence day, were arriving. They made their own meals outside the village on a playground or almost wherever they wanted and used miniature copies of the adult's kitchen tools. Nowaday, this culture has almost disappeared from the cultural daily life of children due to the resurgence of more "modern games"”, this disappearance can also be interpreted by the parents' lack of means to buy the ingredients used for the culinary preparation of these little kids.

The goal of this game was to learn to behave like the parents, to be independent and above all to do as you want. You can cook and prepare whatever meal you want. I remember those happy days when we would ask mom that we wanted this or that for "tsikonina" and when the day came, she had prepared all the ingredients for us or the summit of this independence, it was to do the shopping by our own. We went to the butcher to take a few hundred grams of meat. Then we went to the market gardener for a few vegetables or peas and the turn was played.

We still had to cook all this while scrupulously respecting the preparation process.. It was absolutely necessary to do like mom. And what a joy to be able to share our meal with the parents. Even a spoonful per person. Ah ! the good times.