Cape North

4 days – 3 nights

Diego Suarez - Ankarana - Ankify - Nosy be


Day 1
Diego Suarez

Discovery of the capital city of the North by walk. Getting along with the visit of the famous 3 bays, ancient walled places during the French colonization and a way through the beach of Ramena. Coming back to Diego Suarez at the end of day. Half-board stay in a hotel. Hotel *..
The chair of the legendary Libertalian republic, the name of Diego Suarez comes from those of the first Portuguese discoverers. The second largest Bay in the world after that of Rio de Janeiro, the bay of Diego Bay is awfully decorated..

Day 2
Diego Suarez - Ankarana

Departure and discovery of the Red Tsingy (subject to the condition of the runway), continuation and Anivorano stop to visit a cultural site, the sacred Lake of Antananavo where crocodiles are revered. Continuation of the route and arrival in the region of the Ankarana. Night tour in the vicinity of the discovery of a hidden nature park. Hotel *..
Unavoidable passage in the vicinity of the capital of the North, Red tsingys are derived from erosion of the walls of mountains over thousands of years, revealing these forms of various colors. In the shape of giant termite mounds with warm colors that recall the real tsingy which are naturally carved into spines in the limestone.

Day 3
Ankarana - Ankify

Visit of the National Park of Ankarana during the whole morning and continuation along the coast in the afternoon. A stop in Ambanja for the visit of the spices plantations, in which the most known are the vanilla and cocoa. Taking the road and coming along by the seaside of Ankify at the end of the day. Hotel *..
The tsingy of Ankarana are among the famous curiosity of the Red Island. This formation is over millions of years and gives nowadays a magnificent sight : an eroded spine-like limestone that is pointed to the sky, which is over thousands of hectares, containing a maze of corridor and natural cave that is confining a rare and unique ecosystem.

Day 4
Ankify - Nosy be

Crossover in Ankify harbor and boat trip to the island of Nosy Be early in the morning. Welcoming on arrival of the Nosy Be harbor. Transfer by car to the hôtel.Nosy Be
(FREE accommodation and dinner following the choice of the customer, not included in our services.)
Among the seaside spots of the island, Nosy Be is on the top of list. It belongs a dozen of small islands, which please the discoverers and curious tourists. Very rich in culture and biodiversity, Nosy Be remains the unavoidable on vacancy stay. Sun, nature, Beach and ocean beds are gathered in order to gratify the fanciers.