Africa Adventure : Why Madagascar ?

Madagascar, already the sound of the name promises unique experiences in a strange and exotic world. What more natural than to meet it with your camera ? Discover with us a fascinating animal world, scenery stunning and a colorful culture, there is nowhere else in the world again.

A trip to Madagascar Photo a dream, whose accomplishment with the right partners at your side should not be an obstacle. The combination makes the difference : experts on site with many years of individual experience of travel, who attach great importance to the comfort and safety, and nature photographers and experienced biologists as workshop leaders, which had already before their target a wide variety of patterns around the world and are happy to pass on their skills and knowledge. Throughout the trip, we will work with you to find professional ways to get the best picture possible through theoretical and practical workshops and numerous photographic discussions. Both professional mentors picture illustrate different approaches and, Small group, techniques and working methods can be varied and analyzed in detail. Being able to immerse themselves in the working methods of two different photographers during a photo travel to Madagascar is unique and offers perfect opportunities.

Take advantage of our experience as biologists in managing the unique animal world of Madagascar. We show you ways of life and interesting behavior of animal species and allow capture naturally with the necessary sensitivity in a photo. Whether lemurs, reptiles or insects, the way to a perfect image often requires an understanding of the case itself. So we have more time to take care of the details and intricacies of wildlife photography. Whether TV- or macrophotography, we carry them in detail in the context of several practical and theoretical workshops.

The landscapes they inhabit are as diverse as the wildlife of Madagascar. We'll take you into some of the most spectacular parts of the island, where we will explore all aspects of landscape photography. As an absolute highlight, we are the only provider of explicit photographic tours to visit the distant massif of Andringitra with its perfect conditions for landscape astrophotography. The nights under the Milky Way in this grand landscape are unique. As antithesis to this wonderful, we will also photograph the beaches of the east coast. In addition to long-term exposures, photography with filter and astrophotography, We will not neglect their treatment. But do not worry, we will not spend hours on the PC, we follow both the approach to make the best picture as possible when taking the photo. However, smaller adjustments are needed in digital photography and show you how to make the most of your photos by using effective and useful methods.

In addition to the disciplines of the natural landscape photography, of wildlife photography and macro photography, we also have the opportunity to implement aspects of travel photography regarding people and culture. Native speakers of Madagascar who accompany us on our trip will allow us to have an entertaining insight into the life and culture of the local people and various tribes of Madagascar. Enjoy with us the experience of a fantastic country, whose rich nature and friendly people nowhere else in the world. Are you ready for a big trip for you and your camera ? We look forward to your visit !