Solidarity and Immersion Travel on the N7

This program allows you total immersion into the daily life of villagers far from the noise and stress of the big cities : their rhythm, their work, their living place, their custom, their meal… . A mixture of discovery, immersion, encounter and sharing.

10 days – 9 nights

Antananarivo - Antsirabe - Andranomafana - Fianarantsoa - Ranohira - Mangily – Mangily – Antananarivo


Day 1
Antananarivo - Antsirabe – Andranomafana

Departure for the National 7 7 to Antsirabe, a city that is located in 169km (3hr's drive) from the capital.
The route will make you discover the greening landscape of the Highlands, with its hills and it's hectares of rice fields, various plantations, covered here and there with small hamlets with traditional houses upon walls with red brick and thatched roof.
On the way, with more children's smiles, you will meet various handicraft sellers who settle by the road proposing colored artifacts : small cars and miniatures planes which are fabricated by recovery materials or by woods, baobab trees and animals by painted raphia, baskets and bags work, …
Arrival in the spa town of Antsirabe, called the “Malagasy Vichy”, located at 1500m height in a basin surrounded by volcanoes..
Getting along with the village of Anjazafotsy Andranomafana, located at 32km fromAntsirabe. Greeting and starting to be set in the actual rustic life.
Welcome drink and visit of the village.
Diner, night and breakfast in the lodge.

Day 2

"Malagasy-style" breakfast..
Discovery of agricultural landscapes, cultural and historical richness, participating to the rural activities (Agriculture and handwork: : basket work). Exchanging, sharing, medium treks to the thermal sources, eventual visit of a traditional healer. Picnic lunch included.
Coming back to the country cottage by zebu-cart,, exchange.
Diner, night and breakfast in the lodge, with some little folk liveliness

Day 3
Andranomafana - Antsirabe
After the breakfast , a little cuisine course of a typical Malagasy meal. Discovery of local products and their cooking.
Lunch on the spot included. Exchange with the members of the rural Association.
Departure for coming back to Antsirabe. Installation in a lodge or in a guest house.
Bed and breakfast in the hotel or guest house
Day 4
Antsirabe - Fianarantsoa

After the breakfast , departure for Fianarantsoa. The road crosses through hills and rice fields again. Various stops for enjoying the landscape and the villages that you could plainly visit. The population is very welcoming and still thankful to be photographed. You will reach the Betsileo territory, recognizable by their traditional outfit, a little shorts and a "malabary" and a hat without shelf as headgear. Coming along the city of Fianarantsoa : the capital city of the Betsileo land, called the city with thousand and one churches, founded in 1830 founded in 1830 by the Queen Ranavalona I who wanted it to become the second capital and gave him the name Fianarantsoa “which means “The city where we learn the good”.
All along the way we will meet an intense and typical rustic life of the Betsileo land. The rice fields' sights strongly contrast with the very near primary forest. Going into town and transfer to the hotel.
Bed and breakfast in the hotel

Day 5

Getting settle after the breakfast, departure for a day of discovery with the team BRIGHT FUTURE : visit to the school farm, Participation in French students. Lunch with students. In the afternoon, participation in agricultural and livestock activities. The integration and participation in its activity will give you a new view of life of Malagasy (integration, respect for others..).To finish the day, dinner with the girls of the boarding. Transfer to the hotel.
Bed and breakfast at the hotel association Bel Avenir (accommodation with sanitary and rudimentary showers, less of 4 persons, in a chalet, more than 4 persons : dormitory)

Day 6
Fianarantsoa - Ranohira
Departure after the breakfast for taking back the National 7 to the south.
The environment changes bit by bit. Impressive granitic domes appear at the same times as the relief becomes more rugged. We are seduced by the beauty and the magic of the places. The road crosses over the foothills of the Andringitra mountain chain where striking monoliths of granite break the monotony of the relief. Then, great dry steppes replace the mountain. Away through the village of Ihosy, capital of the Bara land, a front door to the plateau of Horombe : a plateau that is covered by a huge dry prairie which extends as far as the eye can see and slives with the landscapes that we habitually meet in Madagascar. The region is inhabited by the Bara tribes, farmer population, who draw their herds to the vast grassy space.
Coming along Ranohira. Installation and well deserved pause.
Bed and breakfast in the hotel
Day 7
Ranohira – Tulear – Mangily

OPTION : visit of the Isalo Park in the morning.
Departure for Tulear, capital of the Malagasy southern on a road that is always wonderful, we are in the Mahafaly territory and their famous tombs which are surmounted with various mortuary totems that represent outstanding scenes. We go through the first gallery of dry forestthat are commonly called the Bush. We arrive in Tulear on a hot road bordered with cactus. Stop in for a visit Tulear projects of the association Bel Avenir : art and music center, foyer social, Sports center, schools saline ...
Continuation to Mangily, the southern beaches are by the north because of the presence of mangroves. Installation in the hotel.
Bed and breakfast in the hotel

Day 8

After breakfast at the hotel, visit workshops and agricultural interests in the activities of the association : participation in the life of the farm with students. Lunch with the kids. Dinner with music entertainment by the students of the NGO BRIGHT FUTURE..
Bed and breakfast at the hotel Solidaire Mangily.

Day 9
Mangily – Ifaty
Departure from the hotel for Solidarity , to hotel Ifaty. to hotel Ifaty. Free day to enjoy the surroundings of the hotel and its activities such as diving, the "Wake" and many others. According benefits, let yourself be guided by curiosity and laziness. Indulge…
Bed and breakfast in the hotel
Day 10
Ifaty – Tulear – Antananarivo
Depending on the flight schedule, transfer to the airport of Tulear.
Greeting in Antananarivo. A little tour of the handicraft market. Transfer to your hotel.