Madagascar has a Tropical Climate strongly influenced by the relief, the vegetation and the winds. But usually there are two seasons:

  • The dry season (including the austral winter), from April to October.
  • The rainy season, from November to March including the hurricane season:

officially from mid-December to mid-April, but especially from January to March. It rains a lot, but that doesn't mean everywhere or all the time.

enfant madagascar


Do not ask much from Madagascar than simple: welcoming land, people with legendary and friendly smiles, abundant and non-hostile nature, the most varied landscapes and a mild and pleasant climate.

TOUR MALIN MADAGASCAR will be your guide for your Madagascar trip.
Located in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. A land precociously detached from the great African continent, the island abounds in an invaluable natural treasure. It has long been the destination of pirates and navigators in search of treasures, unknown civilizations or for a simple stopover. Populated late in life by man, Isle Saint Laurent has aroused the desire of many "explorers" in search of new adventures. Surcouf, Plantin, La Buse and others are among those who have never stopped traveling the seas of India.
All these illustrious characters could not leave because they had found in Madagascar, the island of their dreams, a whole land to discover.
Having separated from Africa long before the evolution of species, the Red Island is currently full of interesting Fauna and Flora. Sometimes amazing, often unique.
With an average endemicity rate of more than 80%, the Island still has unlisted species: 71 species of lemurs, 262 species of birds, 250 kinds of amphibians, 8,700 kinds of vascular plants listed and rising to 12,000 for all of the non-listed species which group nearly 3% of the world's flora.

Road infrastructure

The road infrastructure is still very basic, but most of the network remains passable all year round.

National Roads serve the main cities and at the end of all this, we are directly in the adventure of the red earth tracks.
(Many tracks are not passable during the rainy season)

A specialty of the country

Rice is the basic element of Malagasy gastronomy, it is cooked alone or accompanied in different ways: chicken, zebu meat, pork or fish.

Among the typical dishes, the “Romazava”, a kind of stew made with meat and “Bredes”, vegetable leaves often placed on the rice to flavor it.

Flavors to discover

  • The "Ravitoto": dish made with plundered cassava leaves, meat, and sometimes even coconut milk.
  • The “Kitoza”: fillet of zebu meat cut into strips and smoked.
  • “Bantams” or “mofo sira”: salty coconut rice cakes.
  • Vanilla from Madagascar is also very famous.
  • The "Mokary": small rice cakes, sometimes with coconut, which go wonderfully with coffee.
  • “Koba Ravina”: small cakes made from rice flour, peanuts and brown sugar; all cooked, wrapped in banana leaves.

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