Manager of Tour Malin Madagascar, an Incoming Tour Operator based in Antananarivo, I am an active person and I constantly fight for a general awareness on the preservation of the Environment, on the contribution of tourism in the development of local communities and on the enhancement of the human

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Simple and dynamic, I ask little to advance in my objectives.

Granddaughter and daughter of great Malagasy writers, journalists and novelists, I have always been bathed in the love of writing and reading, but also in the existential questions of society and the human person.

The loss of my father at the age of 7 taught me the value of human beings, that you had to fight in life, know your priorities, surround yourself and take care of those you love and give as much as we can.

Family, work, social and the environment are the backbone of my daily life.

I started tourism at the age of 19, accompanying a friend on a day trip not far from the capital. The smile and recognition of the participants made me want to do this job.


In 2010, with my husband, we created our Company which will be in the image of our passion, our travel ethics for the promotion of Madagascar: the highlighting of the Human, the Environment, the quality and professionalism.

Of course Madagascar is not lacking in attractiveness in terms of landscapes, fauna and flora. But for me, the richness of discovering a country lies above all in the experiences, the sharing and in the natural beauty of Man: the warmth that a smile, a look, a tenderness, an outstretched hand can transmit. And these are the essential points that we highlight in our programs.

Our strengths are the recognition and thanks of our travelers at the time of the goodbye, for having allowed them to return to the essentials, to have felt things, to have lived and experienced, to have been able to "stop time" for a moment and having forgotten the frenetic pace of their daily lives.

Whenever I have the opportunity, I like to go to the countryside to meet local communities, discuss with them, share, … I learn a lot from them. This simplicity to live, to believe and to keep smiling despite the daily difficulties, this strength to move forward without asking much.

President of the National Association for Responsible and Solidarity Tourism (ANTSO RE), member of a pilot committee of a working group working on the fight against fire and reforestation in Madagascar, in the establishment of the study of CSR in Madagascar, representative of Madagascar in the International Organization of Solidarity Tourism - Africa (ISTO), elected among the 17 women entrepreneurs of Madagascar in the WIA project (Women in Africa) 2021 - 2022, president of the college of tour operators and member of the board of directors of the Confederation of Tourism in Madagascar (CTM), member of the core committee of Natural Capital of Madagascar, ... I strive to revalue the Human, Local Development, Heritage and the Environment in the tourism sector.

These are all that I am and feel, my vision and my passion that I wish to share with our travellers.

My motto is “We are rich in what we are, in what we have and in what surrounds us. It is up to us to know how to use them »


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