Since ancient times, the world has always worshiped spiritual entities and cultivated a belief emanating from stars and stars. Madagascar has been influenced by several cultures and is not left out when it comes to astrology and divination. For many Malagasy, astrology is the purview of magic keepers and spirit healers.
The Astrologer
The Mpanandro is consulted for the essential decisions in order to determine the days of “good destiny” or even the harmful days (ie those during which nothing should be accomplished). It indicates the favorable days according to the age of the moon, thus taking into account the progress of the lunar month with the sequence of the 28 destinies. He thus knows the beginning of the new moon and the end of its last quarter, the divisions of each of the twelve months of the current year (tonon'andro), the destinies (tonom-bintana) whether they are strong, favorable or unhappy.
It is based on the destiny on the day of the birth of a person, and thus distinguishes for the course of the life of this one, the favorable periods or not. He therefore needs to know just under what destiny was born the one for whom we come to consult him, if it is a great major destiny (renivintana) or a minor destiny (zana-bintana), and in case of marriage, if the destinies are not opposed. From these indications, he will deduce the auspicious days for each event.
In Malagasy "This child was probably born on Sunday" means: “this child must be born under the sign of Alahamady”, is to say born under a good sign and be lucky. On the contrary, when it is said "Alakaosy was probably born", it means: “he / she must have really been born under the sign of Alakaosy”, that is to say under a sign that does not bring luck.
Malagasy culture draws its originality from its confluence between several civilizations: Asian, African, Arab and European. According to the astrological tradition inherited from the Arabs, each individual is born with a favorable or unfavorable destiny, called vintana, this destiny that “only God can change”. Moreover, in Madagascar, each important event (marriage, burial, famadihana or turning over of the dead, laying of the first stone of a construction, etc.) must take place on a "good" day, a day of "good destiny », determined during the essential consultation of a mpanandro (diviner-astrologer).
The Malagasy calendar
He is twelve months old. Each month has destinies and there are 28 in a year of the Malagasy calendar. Each destiny corresponds to a meaning thus determining a major or minor destiny, favorable or not.
Moreover, each month with its 28 destinies is a lunation: space of time that passes between two consecutive new moons.
Month / Number of Fates :
1. Sunday / 3
2. Adaoro / 2
3. Adizaoza / 2
4. Write / 3
5. Saturday / 2
6. Asombola / 2
7. Adimizana / 3
8. Alakarabo / 2
9. Alakaosy / 2
10. Adijady / 3
11. Adalo / 2
12. Alohotsy / 2
Correspondence with the astrological signs of the zodiac :
Sunday: Bélier Adaoro: Taurus
Admission: Hemorrhoids Prescribed: Cancer
Saturday: Lion Asombola: Vierge
Adimizana: Balance Alakarabo: Scorpion
Alakaosy: Sagittarius Adijady: Capricorne
Adalo: Aquarius Alohotsy: Fish


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