The complex emotional state and the emotion in front of a recognition by a warm welcome, by dedicated and personalized songs, with deep smiles and eyes full of love... The thanks of the parents proud to say that their children have had their certificate within our school and left today to fly on their own in search of new horizons for the continuity of their studies, their gratifications. The love and respect shown by an entire community, giving this feeling of being at home, of being rich in a large family sharing the same values... All this generates a grandiose and indecipherable feeling. And confirms to us every day the importance of contributing to the support and well-being of our compatriots, no matter how little, but with patience, love and will. And at the same time, there is always this feeling of not doing enough, of not being able to do more...

So many feelings that overwhelm when you see in the eyes of each individual (elders, fathers, mothers, young people, children,…) love, recognition, this gratitude, hope, pride, …

The work and the results are not always financial. It's more than that: an inner warmth, a value, the richness of having a big family united.

After several months of absence, we returned to the village at the end of October 2022, with the representative of EINTRACHT FRANKFURT who has accompanied us for several years, and who has allowed us to move forward in our projects.

The welcome remains striking: songs, laughter, flower necklaces, hats, … and always that smile in their eyes. A way for the villagers from the surrounding regions to affirm their acceptance and their gratitude, to count us among theirs.

Football being one of the activities loved and practiced in the village, a match was organized in honor of our guests, with a presentation of cups, to the delight of the children, the pupils of our School of HOPE, coming from a lot of the surrounding areas, proud to wear the jerseys of one of the biggest international football teams.

What happiness during this memorable day. Exchanges, sharing, joys and animations were at the rendezvous.

The village continues to develop and grow. Since the official opening of the school in 2015, approximately 900 students have attended the school. Many have joined the university in the big cities after obtaining their baccalaureate. To the great pride of parents and teachers. The village has also grown enormously. The field, formerly empty of huts, is now filled with houses. An extension begins in the north of the village. The number of homes is increasing, families from surrounding communities are settling there.

BUT many children continue to dream of going to school, unable to do so for lack of resources. Although we try to help financially and to provide school supplies, our posibilities are insufficient to allow them to go to school.

Currently, we are looking for funding to complete a new solid construction, so that the building is more viable, livable and sustainable. There is also, among many others, this project to set up training on organic culture with a diversification of plants, beekeeping and training on the manufacture of green charcoal.

We are grateful to EINTRACHT FRANKFURT for their support and trust.

We also thank all those who, directly or indirectly, have contributed to the realization of this support project and continue to do so: A.R.Q.E. (Association for Environmental Quality Research) – SAINT JOSEPH SCHOOL IN ROMILLY SUR SEINE – TOUR MALIN MADAGASCARHOTEL PALMARIUM – THE VILLAGERS – THE TEACHERS – THE VARIOUS MANAGERS – AND ALL THE INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE who gave us a hand (FAMILY, Mr and Mrs EDWIGE, Mr and Mrs HINKLE – Mr ROSSIGNOL Michel, AKANY AVOKO, Mr and Mrs NAVILLOD, Mr and Mrs LAMENT, ELODIE LE GAC, Mr Zo RAJAONASIMANANA, Mr and Mrs PRETEUX, Mr and Mrs MILLERET, Mr and Mrs BLANC…

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Contribute with us. Help us give parents the opportunity to send their children to school, children to rub shoulders with the school benches, to allow communities to develop activities that are sources of additional income.





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